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  • A Show Only A Mother Could Love – Getting Better At Improv

    A Show Only A Mother Could Love – Getting Better At Improv

    A Show Only a Mother Could Love – When Improv Goes Bad, and How to Fix It The last time I did a show, I wasn’t very great. So what did I do? I quit improv and hitch-hiked to Nicaragua to teach locals sustainable papaya-harvesting techniques, because that is a noble pursuit and makes the

  • Improv For Non-Funny Folks

    Improv For Non-Funny Folks

    When I tell people I do improv, their first reaction is usually the same: “Oh I could never do that, I’m not funny.” And then I’m like, way to make it all about you, bub, I’m over here trying to invite you to one of my hilarious Chaos shows and you just harshed my vibe.

  • DUI’s are not funny

    If you have been in a serious accident.  Come see one of our shows.  We will make you feel better.

  • Vertical Improv Moves

    Good Improv scenes move UP. One of the most well known rules of improvisation is to say “yes and” meaning you agree with your scene partner and then “add” new information to the scene.  Agreement is essential however the trap of saying “yes and” is that many times new improvisers will add completely unrelated information.

  • What Is Chaos Comedy?

    Voted, The Valley’s #1 Comedy Show, in AZ Foothills Magazine, Chaos Comedy Improv presents the most outrageous unscripted comedy on Friday nights. You will never see the same show twice, and to top it all off, we keep it family friendly. That’s not where the comedic genius ends, because Chaos Comedy covers every facet of

  • Brian Sweeney Is Back

    If you haven’t already heard! Brian Sweeney was released from the hospital on Friday, April 9th. We are so thrilled to have him continue his recovery in his home, and with all of his studio friends and family nearby! If you haven’t heard about Brian’s journey, please check out his story at https://briansweeneywebelieve.wordpress.com/   Welcome back